The Good Life Eatery

One sunny Friday when I had taken the day off work, I decided to head to The Good Life Eatery on Sloane Avenue with two friends. I had read many good reviews from other trusted food bloggers, but also a couple of negative reviews, so I decided it was time to make my own mind up. Admittedly, the negative reviews seemed to have come from those who were not London residents and tended to refer mainly to the price of the food.

I knew that this would not be a ‘budget’ lunch, probably costing the same as an evening dinner out, but it was a treat and the price I would expect to pay for good quality, honest food. Overall I spent around £20 after succumbing to the generously sized, tempting array of cakes that peered through the window, luring in passers-by.

Upon arrival (around 1pm), it became apparent to my friends and I that the establishment was much smaller than expected and it may be difficult to find a table for three. We were, however, at the front of the queue so we persevered and chatted to a lovely, slightly eccentric lady who commented on the amount of fur clothing items she could see visible in an ‘ethical cafe’. After a few moments’ pause to study the menu, she then added “actually though, it’s not completely vegan”. We had a couple of issues where some diners were apparently saving seats for friends who had not yet arrived and the waitress had a few difficulties managing this alongside frustrated members of the queue. At first it was quite confusing as to how we ordered, and our desperation to find a table slightly distracted from the exciting, varied menu which was a shame.

Once we were seated I had ogled enough at other diner’s food to know exactly what I wanted; the cauliflower and quinoa cakes and a green, cold pressed juice. My friends went back up to the counter to order whilst I stayed at the table.

I chose the ‘Drink Your Salad’ green juice, which was pricey at £7, but cold press juicing is much more nourishing and I definitely felt energised afterwards and it was the boost I needed after my early morning run. There were some much more ‘fruity’ juice options for those less used to the green juice flavours, and also a ‘Matcha Almond Mylk’ which I am desperate to try next time I visit. Hot Matcha Lattes are also available from the counter.


The main course of cauliflower and quinoa cakes did not disappoint. The star of the show was the dipping sauce, of which I’m still not sure what was in it. But it was heavenly, and brought the right balance of flavour to the cakes and side of ‘raw slaw’ salad. The sweet and savoury elements complimented each other perfectly and provided some inspiration for new recipes! One friend ordered salmon on a bed of asian-style bean sprout salad and the other ordered a quinoa salad with an orange dressing; neither of which I would have been disappointed with!


The main course and juice were filling but not unmanageable, and the cakes in the window were just too tempting. Although not dairy free, the red velvet was gluten free and naturally sweetened making it an honest, homemade treat. It was the most impressive based on appearance, and therefore the first choice for all of us! The cake was delicious, although we left rather full and probably could have shared!


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