Review: Whey Ahead Organic Protein Powder


My protein intake and sources are something that I’ve been hugely focused on in the last year, since beginning exercising on a more regular basis. As a pescetarian, it can be hard to find interesting ways to incorporate high-protein foods into my diet and this change definitely changed my outlook and attitudes towards the way that I ate on a daily basis and the way that I created recipes.

Another way that I found it easy to get more protein into my diet was to add a good quality protein powder to the smoothies I was already making (no wonder I was still hungry after breakfast!). So when Ethan from Whey Ahead contacted me about the brand’s high quality, clean and organic protein, I was more than interested! Although I’ve been experimenting a lot with incorporating protein powder into recipes recently, I felt that the ultimate way to experience the Whey Ahead powders for the first time was to try them on their own with almond milk (except for the unflavoured, which I also blended with banana).

Whey Ahead comes in three varieties; Unflavoured, Peruvian Chocolate and Madagascan Vanilla. The maximum number of ingredients is four, and considering the flavour, this is pretty amazing compared to a lot of the sweetened and flavoured proteins out there. The natural ingredients even sweeten the drink enough to use with unsweetened almond milk and no extra sugar. When blended the texture is smooth, thick and creamy, although it does need the odd stir or shake if left and drank slowly. I think this is a small price to pay to know you drinking pure natural goodness and avoiding any nasties!

My favourite flavour had to be the chocolate. It tasted so indulgent and the lucuma provided an extra ‘caramel’ taste. With its clean, attractive packaging that reflects the brand’s ethics and being one of the only organic whey protein companies I’ve heard of, this protein is definitely wheyyyy ahead in its field and a winner for me!

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