Product Review: Punch Foods Super Seeds


I was first introduced to Punch Foods super seeds at Sheridan Retail’s event “Little Shop of Health” in March. The first thing that drew me in was the variety of unique flavours that I had not seen in seeds before. Especially the raw cacao flavour, because anything containing cacao and coconut is a winner, right? It was shortly after that I discovered how addictive these little (or rather large) ‘punches’ of energy are, as I found myself sitting at my desk, pouring the seeds straight from the tube into my mouth (yep, true story). This, I thought, could become a rather expensive habit.

Then, one day, when a beautiful parcel arrived in the post, I learnt the art of this new craze: “seeds on everything”. And suddenly, every meal become that extra bit exciting. Sprinkled onto my porridge or toast at breakfast, my soups at lunch and into a stir fry or salad at dinner, with a choice of four different flavours, this was exactly what I needed to spruce up my meals. In handbag-sized, secure tubes, these seeds are perfect for carrying with you at all times, or lining up on your desk alongside your herbal tea collection. And they last ages when used in the right way. A tiny sprinkle is all you need to add extra flavour, texture, excitement and an extra energy boost to any dish!

Currently, Punch Foods sell four different flavours; ‘Raw Cacao Boost’, ‘Meet Your Maca’, ‘Mega Omega’ and ‘Feel the Heat’. You can buy a pack of all four flavours from their website, which I would highly recommend. And two are great for sweet dishes, and two perfect for savoury, so you are never stuck for choice. Here is my ‘Punch Food’ inspiration, and how I manage to incorporate these little gems into lots of different meals:

punchfoods4 Porridge topped with Banana, cacao powder, baobab powder, peanut butter and ‘Raw Cacao Boost’

punchfoods3 Winter fruit salad with an added boost of ‘Meet your Maca’

punchfoods2 Apple and cinnamon porridge topped with ‘Meet your Maca’


Roasted tomato, carrot and pepper soup with ‘Mega Omega’


Fig and avocado salad with orange and sesame dressing

punchfoods5 Organic sourdough toast with peanut butter, banana and ‘Raw Cacao Boost’


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