Nana Bar

One Friday after work, we did something crazy. We ordered dessert BEFORE dinner. And it was the best. It tasted naughty but oh so nice. And full of goodness so it was practically salad.. right? 

The Nana branding is on point and fits in perfectly with its East London surroundings. So much so, that there’s talk of extending its 3 month stay and branching out from just ice cream.

At the moment, the concept is simple but effective. 7 flavours on the menu, one for every day of the week. And it just so happened that we turned up on a Friday and this was, in my opinion, the best (if not the only) day to come. Peanut butter day! (Heart-shaped eye emoji). Peanut butter blended banana ice cream, topped with raw cacao nibs, popcorn, pink himalayan-salted peanuts, cacao fudge sauce and crunchy peanut butter. Heaven. I will definitely be returning before Summer’s up!

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