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One of the things that I love most about living in London is the number of exciting events that you stumble upon. Exploring my home city is so inspiring for so many aspects of my life. After attending the Little Shop of Health event in February, I was really excited to be attending the next event by Sheridan Retail in Marylebone; Little Shop of Beauty. I was lucky enough to attend a talk on the Friday by Sarah Brown, founder of Pai Skincare, whilst enjoying a delicious breakfast by Rude Health and Bobo’s Juicery. After the talk we were given some beautiful products by Pai Skincare to try at home and I was able to talk to the people behind some of the brands at the event. It was so lovely to have meaningful conversations with like-minded individuals and purchase some wonderful products.



During the talk by Sarah, I sipped on a Bobo’s Juicery ‘Feels So Raw’ green juice. This was so energising first thing in the morning and really woke me up. I then discussed the benefits of cold press juicing with Jo from Bobo’s and tasted others from their range. The one that literally did blow my mind was the raw banana smoothie which I had to purchase to enjoy at home the next day. This was so naturally sweet and tasted like such a treat. I had never considered adding buckwheat to smoothies before but it really helps to thicken the texture to create more of a ‘milkshake’ which is full of protein and keeps you full. Admittedly, I had not heard of He Shou Wu so when I returned home I did some research and discovered that this has so many health benefits, with a particular emphasis on lower back and knee health improvements which my body is in need of right now!



Breakfast was also hosted by one of my favourite brands, Rude Health. I love how they make healthy food seem so fun with their bold, eye-catching branding. Their products are so pure and one of the only almond or rice milk brands I can find that do not have any preservatives. I tried their Ultimate Granola for breakfast which did not disappoint. I then had the opportunity to try their Drinking Oats, a new concept where their oats are milled finely enough to dissolve in liquid. This is such a genius idea for a quick, filling energy boost on the go. When these appear in store I will definitely be purchasing some for my smoothies and perhaps the odd ‘lazy meal’! I am so excited to try their new coconut milk too and love how their products now appear in most larger supermarkets, making healthy food accessible to everyone.



┬áSarah Brown’s talk was really inspiring and I loved the fact that she appreciated that everyone’s body is different and answered questions honestly by discussing what works for her, but also noting that this may be different for others. She has managed her sensitive skin through a lot of trial and error both with her diet and skincare products and I was surprised to hear that some foods that I would consider to be really healthy actually affected her skin considerably. Sarah emphasised the importance of avoiding any harsh chemicals, especially when desperately searching for a quick miracle cure to a skin condition. Patience is key.

After the talk we were presented with this lovely, generous gift bag of a Pai cleanser and Rosehip oil. After listening to the benefits of these during Sarah’s talk, I decided to start using these products immediately. I have been using a few drops of the rosehip oil, massaged into my skin before bed and I have definitely noticed an improvement in my skin tone in the mornings. The oil sinks into my skin so quickly and has a lovely, subtle scent.


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Sweet Virtues was a brand i hadn’t heard of before Little Shop of Beauty, but after trying their chocolates I will definitely be returning! These vegan, dark chocolate superfood truffles had the most beautiful texture. The outer shell was a thin, crisp dark chocolate that contrasted perfectly with the smooth, silky centre. I purchased two beautifully presented small boxes of truffles and also tried the orange flavour that was heavenly. These would make the perfect present, especially for a vegan friend. I spent some time speaking to Carey, the brand owner, whose passion for real, honest food of the finest quality ingredients I really admired.


Another brand that I hadn’t previously come across was The Pressery, which I was surprised about when I heard it is stocked in Daylesford and Selfridges. I really admired the clean, minimal branding that let the product speak for itself. I sampled both the plain almond milk and the cacao flavour, which I purchased. The flavour was so pure and refreshing and the taste of the raw almonds was really authentic as there were no preservatives to interfere with this. I will definitely be looking out for this to purchase as a treat next time I see it in a store or cafe.

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